early letterman

(WLWI children's show Clover Power)

(WLWI low-budget film showcase Freeze Dried Movies)

“I was hosting this late-night movie show, and Dave took over for me the week I was on vacation. At that point, we already were showing very bad films. Dave figured out how to superimpose himself into the movies. Once, in this awful Austrian spaghetti Western, he re-tracked the audio with a recording of him and his friends playing a ukulele and singing, ‘Trinidad, Trinidad, the rum is good but the water is bad.’ They were substituting mad Caribbean music for a scene shot in a Western saloon.”

-Jack O’Hara, former host of Freeze Dried Movies on WLWI

"Regardless of what movie might be showing, the host would tell viewers they were watching When Godzilla Ate Detroit. In his second episode, he celebrated the show’s tenth anniversary."

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