In seven short months I will be a Master of Library & Information Science, so of course now is the time to look back and see what other occupations I once wanted to end up in.

All 'practical' community college back-ups for a career in my mid-20s when I briefly thought my life would be spent hanging out in bars for the rest of my days

A childhood love of Indiana Jones led to an interest during my early college years until I fell asleep in every single Cultural Anthropology class. And I didn't want to end up an Anthropology teacher.

Arcade owner
My mid-20s were somewhat spent trying to figure out if I could some sort of business, and arcades came to mind as something I could run with an old friend from Genesis Mindworks (see below).

My forever back-up plan to eventually become one because what else will there be to do? Back in middle school, I had dreams of writing the ultimate fantasy novel, which was really a lift from Final Fantasy VI. I wrote 30 pages before getting distracted.

Comic book writer
My dream throughout middle school. I even used tracing paper to copy Batman characters, modified them for a story called Sugarbuzz Sam, & sent them into DC Comics. They politely declined.

David Letterman
My mother has told me that when I was a little kid, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and my answer was "David Letterman." How I knew who he was at that age is a mystery.

Film director
The occupational dream that fueled my 20s. I was originally talked into directing by a friend after watching Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man in 2001 and thinking we could do that too. My first attempt in Wausau, WI was a disaster, but eventually - much later - there was a Joseph Larsen Collection released on DVD by a company in Sweden. However, the filmmaking industry turned out to be too terrible to want to be a part of.

Genesis Mindworks
A specific company, run by two other old friends around the time we were turning 20. They were heavily into tabletop roleplaying games, and I joined in as both a financier and story writer - it was to be a multimedia company that also focused on 'original anime-inspired online fiction.' I believed wholeheartedly in this idea to the point that one creator moved in with me to form a base of operations, and we traveled to numerous anime conventions to sell product. However, a lack of follow-through on his part and the removal of my fiction from the website was a devastating development, one that largely led me to move away to Minneapolis. I'm still bitter sometimes.

I almost switched to this at the University of Minnesota because it didn't require a foreign language, plus my brother came close to nabbing a degree in this, but standing around outside and measuring things was determined to not be all that appealing.

I spent a good deal of my 20s trying to nab a job at a hotel, and eventually did start work at a Days Inn across the street from the Mall of America. I only lasted eight hours. I also later considered going into business owning a motel.

Literary editor
I originally went back to college in 2012 for a degree in English, so I could have literary editing as a back-up if my Library Science Masters Degree plan didn't work out. I still think I would've been quite content with this, but a distaste of the University's English classes led to a quick degree change to Cinema and Media Studies.

Movie theater owner
The 'business owner' possibility that I put the most time into investigating, going so far to decide that a second-run theater in the Uptown area would be best for business.

My obsession with Jurassic Park in 1993 led me to my first serious job desire, that of working with dinosaurs. Until my obsession with Batman Forever made me want to work with comic books.

Pinball machine repair
During a brief desire for blue-collar work, until I realized that this specific idea was likely no longer an actual job in and of itself.

Private investigator
Because I love noir.

Professional wrestler
A childhood desire. I used to take G.I. Joe figures and play out Pay-Per-Views in a WWE toy ring, taking notes of the line-ups and outcomes in piles of notebooks. I also had a friend in elementary school who I planned to form a tag team with called The Scavengers. I would be Rat and he would be Snake. The G.I. Joe I used for me was the Cobra Night Creeper Leader.

A dream job, I suppose, if it were decades earlier and this was still a viable profession. The loss of film at the Uptown Theatre in 2012 squashed the thought, leading instead to focus on film archiving.

In 1997, I saw The 5th Element. It spurred in me such a love of cinema that I decided that I had to become a part of it. I would come up with idea after idea, then write synopses of them all and pass out stacks of papers to friends at high school to have them vote on which one I should write. It must have been terribly annoying.

Social worker
I spent high school listening to people's problems without judgement, figuring naturally that this would lead to a career in psychology or social work. Unfortunately this just led to the development of an unhealthy savior complex.

A brief thought, in the peak of my love of author/translator Haruki Murakami.

Travel agent
There are actually community college degrees for being a travel agent, and I came very close to choosing it before ultimately heading instead for Library Science. It was an excuse to travel, which sounded like the best sort of job perk.

Truck driver
Back in elementary school, the solitary 'life on the road' of a truck driver sounded very romantic.

Video game designer
My dream job when I was a kid. I recall designing a plethora of original video games (like Sim Life, eerily similar to what The Sims would be) and levels and bosses for new Mega Man games.

Wildlife filmmaker
This remains my dream job, mostly dampened by fact that I hate being in the outdoors. Spending two weeks in a jungle getting all sorts of mystery parasites just so I can get a few seconds of footage of a bird doesn't sound very desirable. But I really wish it did.

It really came down between this and Library Science as a field to enter when going back to college, as zoology would ideally lead into wildlife filmmaking.

But anyway. I'm going to be an archivist or librarian. That will do.