wrestling: moments

The WWE Network launched just yesterday, with decades of old footage instantly available for viewing. And so, as Wrestlemania XXX looms, a cocktail of boredom and obsessive compulsion has led me to make a list of my favorite moments in professional wrestling history.

1. Mankind is thrown off Hell in a Cell, shrugs off EMTs, returns smiling (KoTR 1998)
2. CM Punk wins the WWE championship, leaves WWE (Money in the Bank 2011)
3. Chris Jericho debuts in WWE (Monday Night RAW 8.9.99)
4. Mitsuharu Misawa heads to the ring (AJPW 06.08.90)
5. Chris Benoit wins the WWE championship, hugs Eddie Guerrero (Wrestlemania XX)
6. Mitsuharu Misawa's tiger suplex off the ramp (NOAH 3.1.03)
7. The Four Horsewomen curtain call (NXT Takeover: Brooklyn)
8. Earthquake 'injures' Hulk Hogan (Superstars of Wrestling 5.26.90)
9. The Undertaker turns face on Jake 'The Snake' Roberts (Superstars 2.29.92)
10. Randy Savage goes under the ring to confuse George Steele (Wrestlemania II)
11. Bob Backlund's Royal Rumble performance (Royal Rumble 1993)
12. Bret Hart 'shoot' promo with Goldberg (Monday Nitro 3.29.99)
13. The Ultimate Warrior defeats Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania VI)
14. Goldberg defeats Hulk Hogan (Monday Nitro 6.7.98)
15. Sting army vs. the nWo (Monday Nitro 10.13.97)
16. Tiger Mask II unmasks (AJPW 05.14.90)
17. Ric Flair's final Nitro promo (Monday Nitro 3.26.01)
18. Cesaro super-uppercuts Sami Zayn (NXT 8.22.13)
19. Rowdy Roddy Piper refuses to hit Bret Hart with the ring bell (Wrestlemania VIII)
20. DDP counters Goldberg's jackhammer with a diamond cutter (Halloween Havoc 1998)
21. Lex Luger turns face, bodyslams Yokozuna (Bodyslam Challenge 7.3.93)
22. The Undertaker returns to confront Kane and Paul Bearer (Monday Night Raw 1998)
23. Daniel Bryan chants hijack post-Wrestlemania XVIII RAW (Monday Night RAW 4.2.12)
24. Seth Rollins runs down to the ring (Wrestlemania XXXI)
25. CHIKARA returns to battle The Flood (National Pro Wrestling Day 2014)
26. Dean Malenko unmasks as Chris Jericho's opponent (Slamboree 1998)
27. Angelico's leap of faith (Lucha Underground 4.22.15)
28. Daniel Bryan attacks Michael Cole (NXT 5.18.10)
29. Eddie Kingston's 'redemption' promo (CHIKARA: High Noon)
30. CM Punk promo against The Rock (Monday Night RAW 01.07.13)
31. ECW turns on WWE (Monday Night Raw 7.9.01)
32. Johnny Mundo hangs out with the band (Lucha Underground 6.17.15)
33. Stone Cold Steve Austin on a zamboni (Monday Night RAW 9.28.98)
34. The debut of the Monster Matanza Cueto (Lucha Underground 3.23.16)
35. Paul Heyman promo on Vince McMahon (Monday Night RAW 11.01)
36. Mankind wins the WWF Championship (Monday Night RAW 01.04.99)
37. Sexy Star yells 'fuck you' into the microphone (Lucha Underground 05.04.16)
38. Jeff Hardy's ladder-assisted legdrop (No Mercy 1999)
39. Stone Cold Steve Austin takes a break in the Royal Rumble (Royal Rumble 1997)
40. Chris Jericho defeats HHH for the WWF championship (Monday Night Raw 4.17.00)
41. Nikita Koloff turns face (NWA World Championship Wrestling 10.25.86)
42. Mike Quackenbush explains his actions (CHIKARA Young Lions Cup VI Night 3)
43. Brock Lesnar's terrifying debut in WWE (Monday Night RAW 3.18.02)
44. Eddie Guerrero blades wrong, somehow doesn't die (Judgment Day 2004)
45. The Rock returns after Steve Austin walked out on WWE (Monday Night RAW 2002)
46. Powerbomb/RKO combo on Daniel Bryan (Wrestlemania XXX)
47. The redemption of assailANT (CHIKARA Under the Hood 2012)
48. The Berserker tries to stab Undertaker with a sword (Superstars of Wrestling 4.25.92)
49. Shawn Michaels ends the career of Ric Flair (Wrestlemania XXIV)
50. Hulk Hogan tears off his shirt on top of the steel cage (Wrestlemania II)



Good Luck Omens and Black Cat Greet Patrolmen in Raid

The air was heavy with kerosene smoke as the measured tread of police morals squad feet resounded through a dwelling at 629 Seventh avenue north Saturday night.  Someone had tapped on a window pane and beckoned the police inside.

The house was darker than a cave.  A flashlight made a bullseye on a door.  There, fanshape, were the ace of hearts, the 10 of diamonds and the ace of spades, tacked to a panel.

The squad moved down a hall.  There were squeaks, short ones, as if creatures from which they emanated were suffering from asthma.

"Mice," said Patrolman Adolph Karpinski.

"New shoes," Patrolman Charles Gruenwald surmised.

"Bats," was the suggestion of Patrolman William Nichols.

Bats it was.  The flying things sailed about the coppers' heads.  The squad moved on to another door.  There was tacked another fan-the [missing] of hearts, the ace of hearts, and the queen of diamonds.  A horseshoe nailed above the door gave good omen and the police stepped gingerly into a room where an oil lamp without chimney sent shadows dancing into the gloom.

A black cat leaped high from a table and disappeared.  There were rustlings and scratchings.  Karpinski, Gruenwald, Nichols, Harold Jensen, and Lieutenant Frank Rickman flashed lights into corners.  From behind another door there issued low moans.  A patrolman jerked the door wide and there shot between his legs some animal which disappeared as a streak of dirty grey.

"Oh lawdy, I got to go to jail," a hidden voice pronounced.  Search revealed Mrs. Nettie Miller, 63, Negress, who was arrested and charged with keeping a disorderly house.  Then Ruby Perkins, 23, Negress, was found and also arrested.

Mrs. Miller obtained a broom, dusted off her slippers, carefully stood the broom on its handle against a door "for good luck" and then was carted off to jail with her companion."

(newspaper clipping from 1931, transcribed)