I was going to post old journal entries of the attempts to make tonight, we stay indoors throughout the years, but they are boring. So.

Pre-production for the original idea, called Ruin, began in 2006. It still followed the 'aftermath of a teen slasher' theme but brought in the idea of collective-mind serial killers, who pop up like a contagion to replace the original killer. Yes, I was watching too much of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure at the time. This was taken from an earlier screenplay I had desired to write for a contest held by Laughing Boy director Joe Grisaffi (eventually resulting in Dead of Knight), but it happened at a point when I was in constant move flux and never had my computer hooked up long enough to write anything. That story is uninteresting and inconsequential.

At some point, the collective-mind plot aspect was dropped but was still focused on the horror genre. Production was ready to go, but while I was visiting Japan, I lost my cinematographer and entire budget (what little of one there was going to be). One day of shooting was attempted with myself as cinematographer, of which a behind-the-scenes video can be seen below.

It was a disaster of sorts.

Ruin was shelved at the last second for When the Sidewalk Ends, which absorbed many of the locations since I had planned to shoot there anyway. The idea would be rewritten in 2009, with much of the horror aspects removed but still attempting a traditional narrative, which at this point I was wholly uninterested in but thought was unavoidable for this particular idea.

This new version of the screenplay was given to the legendary Rock & Roll Ray, whose criticisms (characters aimlessly, pointlessly wandered just like they did in my first 2 features) led to the dropping of traditional narrative altogether. This may not have been what he intended - I think he wanted it more exciting, entertaining, and horror-focused. But still.

So the plot of Ruin, now called tonight, we stay indoors after the mlord song of the same title, would be told completely in voice-over. However, instead of the usual poetics, it would be factual and statistic, and have little to do with what was being shown on-screen.

So now you know...

(from March 8, 2007)




so I made this film

tonight we stay indoors
a Joseph Larsen film
starring Natalie Sosnay
also featuring David Saladin
music by mlord and Happy Medium

Dubbed by the media as the Umbrella Killer, Donovan Doring was responsible for the deaths of five deaths in the otherwise quiet community of Sutter Bay. The sole survivor of the massacre was Miss Davi Winters who, after some struggle, was responsible for the death of Donovan himself.

She doesn't go out much anymore. All of her friends are dead.